Our delicious beverages are available in 19 litre kegs. This is a cost effective and great way to serve and enjoy our delicious product.

The kegs are supplied flavored and carbonated, you will need some form of
equipment for keeping our product cold and dispensing in this way. This can be done by means of a ‘kegerator’, which is mini-fridge with a tap tower mounted. Alternatively, if you have a cool room or a dedicated large fridge this can also be modified to serve as ‘on tap’ service equipment.

Buying our kombucha in kegs is not only cost-effective but also a very
a deliciously fresh way to serve and consume our product.

We can assist with the supply and installation of kegerators. The units as pictured are available in one, two, or three tap versions. They are simple to use and can hold three of our 19-liter kegs at one time. They have lockable castor wheels if desired that allow the unit to be moved around easily.
Please contact us should you wish to discuss the best scenario for your situation.