Year 1998 Vintage Pu-erh Kombucha Blend (60gm)


Pu’erh tea is a variety of fermented black tea which originates in China. Fresh leaves get tossed by hand in giant works long enough to halt the tea’s oxidation, but not so long as to drive off all moisture and kill natural bacteria. The tea is then left to dry in the sun, but the bacteria live on, and over years and decades, they’ll help completely transform the tea from a fresh, bitter green into something more dark, mellow, and rich.

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Pu-erh Kombucha is notorious for creating some of the healthiest SCOBY’s possible. Pu-erh tea is a tea created through a fermenting process that can take months and even years. This creates a rich and full flavor unique to the time fermented.

Pu-erh being fermented itself, allows your SCOBY to become super-charged and produce a very healthy Kombucha with an intense flavor. Pu-erh is also known to aid digestion, lower cholesterol, as well as support a healthy circulatory system.


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